SC Global Developments Ltd develops, builds and distributes residential and commercial properties in Singapore, Australia and the People’s Republic of China. The company develops residential projects focusing on urbanized land, prefabricated houses and low-rise buildings. He also participated in the real estate investment business, including rental real estate development. In addition, the company invests in a large number of listed and unlisted securities and offers project management and marketing services. Caring for individuals and businesses. The company is in Singapore. As of January 30, 2013, SC Global Developments Ltd. was closed.

SC Global Residential and Commercial Real Estate

SC Global aims to improve the entry of small and medium medical practices and for-profit medical institutions around the world, offering maintenance models that improve customer satisfaction while improving resources and reducing costs. We focus our efforts on health care costs, increase effectiveness, develop benefit packages and create unique clients and needs for customer service.
Our health industry is the foundation of our comprehensive hotel business with a special understanding of the unique operational and dynamic needs of different global markets, special strategic developments that reduce healthcare costs, increase patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. market share.

SC Global Passion for Excellence in Real Estate

Founded in 2000, SC Global Developments is a leading developer of sophisticated and rare designs. With the highest quality and detail, passionate design and passion for excellence, SC is the world leader in the real estate market in Singapore and is establishing relationships with its partners and customers to offer a unique creative lifestyle. The group has a large luxury residential portfolio near Singapore, especially Orchard Road and Sentosa Bay. Abroad, SC Global Developments Pte Ltd is responsible for approximately 50% of the ASX list of A Jennings Limited, a leading Australian developer of land and residences.

SC Global Foundation for Group Success

We believe that life has everything about design and creativity. Our team at SC Global Design is the foundation of our group’s success. We work with creative change with talented architects who share our desire for continuous perfection and original thinking. This allows me to move away from industry standards to create more luxurious living spaces that raise living standards.
Our team oversees the design, construction, project management, and property management after completing each development. Monitor business partners and work methods, take good business practices and provide excellence at all levels to take social and environmental considerations into account. We are always a strong advocate for the talents and skills of Singapore’s architects and designers, and we believe our partners will provide an environment to examine the original design concepts and challenge their traditional well-being.

Through continuous monitoring of excellence and customer service, it operates as one of the most respected brands in the supply chain and in value-added services.
SC Global supports the green supply chain approach and is committed to supporting this leadership initiative and its social and ethical understanding of business practices and practices.
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1) Become a global leader in supply chains.
2) Provide a team of talented professionals, demanding work, flexibility, and experience.
3) Increase the prosperity of the interest groups through the effective and efficient work of the companies.
4) Use the latest technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our work.